Why Do Women Fail in Life?

successI think there are three reasons why women do not become successful.

Lack of the Need to Succeed

Many women just don’t feel the need to succeed. These women feel secure and therefore do not need to prove anything. They’re happy, contented and they like what’s happening to them. But if success means becoming all that God intends us to be, and we’re satisfied with less than that, then we not only fall short of God’s glory over ourselves but we limit what others can be for Him.

Women are natural leaders. The greatest responsibility of leaders is that they do not shortchange themselves, thereby short-changing those whom they lead. If God has given a gift, we are to use it and succeed, so that we not only enhance the kingdom from our perspective but from our followers as well.

Fear of Success

The second reason women do not succeed is that they are afraid of success. Some of the reasons women fear success is as follows:

When we need to be committed, sometimes we back off because of the commitment level required. Most often we are afraid to succeed because success puts pressure on us to continue to succeed. A woman who gets straight A’s on a report card sets a pattern of achievement and must keep achieving similar results. Often we just don’t want to be responsible, so we shrink from success.

Women who have poor self-images will always shy away from success. Others don’t want to be successful because they don’t like to be lonely. They would rather be with the crowd because it is lonely at the top.

Risk is another reason. Women don’t want to stick their necks out. There are many more reasons, but the main point is that some Women are afraid of success.

Suspicious of Success

The Third reason why many Women fail is that they are suspicious of success. It’s as if they think that if you want to be successful, you certainly can’t be spiritual because many think “successful Women couldn’t be humble”. Humility in life has always been equated with Poverty. It is believed that poor people are more humble that those from affluent backgrounds or rich homes. Yet when I look through the Word of God, one of the things that impress me most is that the Bible is chock-full of successful Women who chose to enter into the arena of action and give themselves to a cause that would better humanity. They were successful in changing lives for eternity. Think of Women like Esther, Ruth, Sarah, Abigail, Mary Madeline, Naomi and Haggai in the bible. Many of these Women were what we would consider to be successful. To fail to become all that God created you to become limits not only yourself but also those under your influence.

” I failed several times but rose to succeed ”


Her Excellency Dr. Christina Ewanga Atlanta Georgia United States of America

Dr. Christina Ewanga
is a contributor to
African Celebrities Magazine
Atlanta Georgia
United States of America