We’re still here…the world hasn’t ended

After so much anxiety, fears, uncertainty and doubts in relation to the supposed end of the world today 21 December 2012, atlast we are still here.

The so-called Mayan apocalypse which predicted that on this day, the Earth would be destroyed by an asteroid, Nibiru, or some other interplanetary object; an alien invasion; or a supernova has come to pass and the world as we know it is still here. But who are the Mayan people?


The Maya people or civilization lived in Mesoamerica (mostly South America today). Mesoamerica included five countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Mesoamerica was the land that stretched between the United States of America and South America.

Ofcourse contrary to the predictions many people did not believe that the world would end on december 21, 2012. Scientists from NASA in the United States along with expert archeologists stated that none of those events were possible. But yet many others had prepared for the end. The question at the moment is where are they now and what are they thinking…what is going through their minds after seriously believing that the world would really end.

Early this year, I met a dutch lady who was extremely serious about her beliefs in the Mayan apocalypse that she did all to convince me and made several references including books by some authors and even websites for me to go read and visit. She was so convinced that she had started seriously preparing for the end of the world. She couldn’t understand why I was smiling and laughing while she was so serious.

Ofcourse I never read the books she prescribed…I never visited the websites she sent me to because I did not have to read what was prescribed to me to know if the world was going to end or not. I had my convictions. I could have been wrong but I was prepared to stick to my convictions for one reason and one reason alone. My reason was…if the world was really going to end, there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. So by not reading the books she had prescribed and visited the websites she refered me to, I was, according to me, saving myself from the pain of being reminded of this fact over and over.

While African Celebrities Magazine at the time of this article cannot trace this Dutch Lady to really find out first hand what she is thinking and how all the predictions she so religiously believed in failed, we would be trying in the future to track down anyone who had prepared for the end to let us know what really happened.

African Celebrities Magazine would be very interested to find out some of the following:

– Did they sell out all their properties

– Did they write their wills

– Did they eat a last meal

– Did they call love ones to wish them farewell…just to name a few.

Like all the other media outlets, African Celebrities Magazine is happy to be here still to continue to serve its readers. The Mayan doomsday profecy for 21 december 2012, officially adds to the list of so many other “End of world” predictions that never came true since the begining of time. In a future article, we shall be taking a close look and future predictions of the “End of the world”.