The “Waka-Waka” Controversy reigns on

Her critics seemingly would have preferred her to confessed that she was inspired by either the Cameroonian group ‘Golden Sounds’ or someone else rather than claiming that she solely came up with everything.

The Majority of Africans think that the drum beat song ‘Waka Waka’, was borrowed from a Cameroonian song by the group Golden Sounds. It is not only football fans that are complaining but it seems some Cameroonian lawyers are also in the mix trying to see if Shakira broke any copyrights rules.
It is important to note that, there are three known groups or artists that have composed songs with similar lyrics namely: Las chicas del can (Dominican group). Song title: “el Negro no puede”. Golden Sounds (Cameroonian Military band). Song Title: “Zangalewa” and now Shakira (Colombian singer). Song title: “This time for Africa”
The African lyrics in issue are from the Fang language, an African language spoken by groups in Southern Cameroon, Northern Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The Cameroonian band, Golden Sounds, wrote a song called “Zangalewa” in 1986 that used the same stanzas. They claim that the stanza is a historic song, used mainly by soldiers and in turn the youths. Many Cameroonians agree with this assessment. How Shakira came about the lyrics is still in question since the lyrics are typically African in origin from the Fang language.