“The Film Industry can boost the Cameroon Economy” Stella Damasus

would be showcased to the world. Consequently, more airlines would want to fly into Cameroon; hotels would start making more money; more people would rent locations and equipment.
Getting the government to take the film industry in Cameroon seriously is an uphill task, but Stella Damasus insists that this is another step they will have to make, for it is the way to go! “If they see that their people are making movies and it is having an impact, they would be encouraged…” she added.
The Cameroon government under the Ministry of Culture has supported a few productions by some independent filmmakers as well as disbursed funds for joint productions. However, some of the beneficiaries have been criticized by their mates in the industry of mismanagement of these funds for self-sufficiency. Others have reportedly misused financial aid from private donors or individuals, without giving accurate account of their expenses.
Meanwhile there are still some competent, committed and disciplined filmmakers in Cameroon ready to match the pace of growth; others would need to earn the trust required for successful joint productions with pacesetters on the international scene.
Such a dream for the Cameroon film industry is not far-fetched. As Stella Damasus confirmed, “it is just for us to position Cameroon as an enabling environment for making movies, and that is all it takes!”
The result of this, she continued, is: the world will start hearing of Cameroon making movies with Stella Damasus, Ramsey Noah… and people will come flooding into the Country. Some Nollywood film stars had already touched Cameroonian soil to make joint movies with local filmmakers. Stella’s first trip to Cameroon therefore adds to this touch, with an emphasis on providing skills.
Besides being an actress in the Nigerian film Industry, Stella Damasus is also a Singer and Dancer who put up live performances. She is a Presenter for her own TV show which already started airing in the UK. With her own Arts Foundation now, she is a teacher of Acting and a Producer at her own production Company. It doesn’t end there… an anchor of events and a motivational speaker too!
A graduate of Theatre arts from the University of Lagos, she is vying for the role of a director. And if this one can also be considered one of the many ‘caps’ she wears, she added, she works for charity.