Swazi Princess Sikhanyiso (Pashu) Graduates from Australian University

HRH Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini of Swaziland has finally graduated from Sydney University in Australia. The 24 Year old Princess also referred to as Princess Pashu, graduated on Friday 4th of May 2012.

Her graduation ceremony took place at the Quadrangle, University of Sydney at 4pm. One day later on Saturday 5th of May 2012, select friends and family were invited to a casual dinner to jointly celebrate with her. Notably present was a full royal delegation from Swaziland including her mother Queen Inkhosikati LaMbikiza, her brother Prince Lindani and a small army of royal courtiers.

Princess Pashu now holds a Masters degree in Digital Communication and culture. She previously studied drama at the Biola University in Los Angeles.

Her graduation and therefore her termination of studies at Sydney university now brings to an end a period in Sydney where the young princess had to live a modest life trying all the time to blend in as much as possible or live ‘under the radar’ just to focus on her studies.

Her Masters Degree program lasted for one year. It should be noted that Princess Sikhanyiso is extremely passionate about cultural studies, acting and rapping. She is as well a very religious Christian princess known for singing and rapping praise and worship songs.

Princess Pashu is also Her Royal Highness Commander in Chief Maiden and the First Princess of Swaziland. Born on 1st September 1987, she is the eldest daughter of king Mswati III of Swaziland.

Princess Sikhanyiso returns to Swaziland next week.