South African Embassy the Netherlands Celebrates National Day

His Excellency Peter Goosen (South African Ambassador to the Netherlands)

His Excellency Peter Goosen (South African Ambassador to the Netherlands)

The South African Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands on 25 April 2014 celebrated South Africa’s national day. The celebration was marked by a Diplomatic reception hosted by South Africa’s Ambassador His Excellency Peter Goosen at the Bel Air Hotel in the city of The Hague.

More than 300 guests were in attendance. They included members of the diplomatic corps, officials from the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives of companies doing business in South Africa, members of the Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, representatives from NGOs, academics, students, members of the Anti Apartheid Movement, leaders of the African Diaspora Movement, the media and several South Africans residing in the Netherlands.

To commemorate South Africa’s National Day and 20 Years of Democracy in the Netherlands, the South African Embassy in conjunction with the International Institute of Social History, members of the former Dutch anti-apartheid movements and the Dutch Embassy in South Africa have put together an exhibition celebrating the role played by the Netherlands in bringing about democracy in South Africa. The exhibition was unveiled during the national day celebrations at the Bel Air Hotel. It should be noted that the Netherlands is one of the countries that supported South Africa in the struggle against apartheid and in celebrating South Africa’s 20 Years of Democracy.

The aim of the exhibition therefore, is to express South Africa’s appreciation to the Netherlands and its people for the very important role they played in the fight against Apartheid.  The exhibition is also a tribute to the activists who were at the forefront of the struggle.  As such, the exhibition serves as a poignant reminder that the human spirit’s yearning for freedom, justice and dignity will always surpass the voices of discontent and oppression.

According to South African Embassy sources, the exhibition will also be exhibited at other venues in the Netherlands during the remainder of 2014. Such venues will include Municipalities, the Foreign Ministry, the Dutch Parliament, Institutions of Higher Learning and the International Institute of Social History which is the home of the archive of the anti-apartheid movements in the Netherlands.