Son of Former Senegalese President Arrested for Corruption

Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The son of the former President of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade has been arrested by Senegalese Police on suspicion of corruption. 45 year old Karim Wade who was a senior minister and his father’s right-hand man from 2000 to 2012, is accused of illegally amassing about $1.4 billion (£900m) during his father’s 12 year presidency.He held several ministerial posts simultaneously, including minister for infrastructure and air transportation. He was also in charge of major infrastructure and energy projects.africdating ad

So far, Ex-Minister Karim Wade has denied these accusations. After accusing him of corruption a month ago, investigators set him a deadline of yesterday Monday 15 April 2003 to prove his innocence. So far that did not happen to the satisfaction of investigations leading to his most recent arrest.

Last year prosecutors had announced an investigation into Mr. Wade and five other former ministers in relation to corruption and embezzlement of Government funds.

According to reports by Reuters News Agency, Lawyers for Mr. Wade argue that Mr. Wade had been “forcibly” taken away…that his arrest was arbitrary.

Lovers Empire advertIs father, former President Abdoulaye Wade was defeated in the March 2012 presidential election by current President Macky Sall. President Sall has pledged to fight corruption.

It should be noted that President Macky Sall was one of the four African presidents who were congratulated by U.S President Barack Obama on March 28, 2013 in the Cabinet Room of the White House as previously reported by African Celebrities Magazine for “the progress in their nations and to thank them for their extraordinary work”.

Prior to the March 2012 Senegal presidential election, the country almost reached a boiling point following rumors that then Minister Karim Wade was being groomed as his father’s successor.