Sarkozy’s Defeat…a very Personal Issue for François Hollande’s Family

Of course former French President or better put France’s outgoing president Nicholas Sarkozy was just beaten in an elected last Sunday 6 May 2012 by Mr. François Hollande.

But what many people do not realize is how very personal this election and the subsequent victory have been for François Hollande, four of his children and his ex-wife for 30 years.

Remember Ségolène Royal?  Marie-Ségolène Royal was the lady (presidential candidate) who ran against Nicholas Sarkozy in 2007 on behalf of the French Socialist Party. Ségolène Royal happens to be the ex-wife of president-elect François Hollande. They were partners for 30 years and together have four children.

For those who remember what happened during the French presidential elections in 2007, Mrs. Royal was very angry with Nicholas Sarkozy which she could not hide during their television debate.

Five years after, her ex-husband and father of her four children decides to represent their party to fight against Sarkozy. It was more personal than they could show on TV and more personal than many who followed the French election knew or remember.

François Hollande’s four children with Marie-Ségolène Royal were the same four children whose mother was beaten by Sarkozy in 2007 and whom some believe Mr. Sarkozy almost made her cry on TV.
Nicholas Sarkozy was the enemy by every stretch of the imagination.

Remember that François Hollande took the place of Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) former IMF boss who was accused of attempted rape. DSK was going to represent the French socialist party to run against Sarkozy and opinion poll had shown that DSK was going to beat Sarkozy. There were even indirect accusations that Sarkozy was behind what happened to DSK. So to Ségolène Royal, François Hollande and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, all of the French Socialist party, taking down Sarkozy was far, far much more than a victory for an individual…François Hollande. It was more of a mission and alot of anger involved.   

Being a very cultured French Man as he has been described by the media, Mr. Hollande tried to be very civil and did not show his much dislike and bitterness for Sarkozy. This is a president whose children and ex-wife wanted so badly to see the back of Sarkozy. It was more personal to them than anyone had imagined.

It should be noted that the former presidential candidate and ex-wife of François Hollande, Mrs. Ségolène Royal has an African connection. She was born in Africa, specifically in the military base of Ouakam in Dakar, Senegal on 22 September 1953. It was this African connection that made Africa supporting her during her run for the presidency in 2007.

Her ex-husband is now president. Although unfortunately she wouldn’t be first lady, she helped campaign for her ex-husband. If anything, her children who were also active would be very happy to see the back of the man who beat their mother and almost beat their father in the 2007 and 2012 French presidential elections respectively-Nicholas Sarkozy.