Samuel Eto’o…The Next Victim of Cameroon’s Habitual Ungratefulness


Captain Samuel Eto’o

If ever there was a God of football and can punish nations for their sins and ungratefulness, Cameroon could top the list of one of the most ungrateful nations on earth when it comes to how they treat their giants and messiahs of football. This article was inspired after reading online comments on June 16, 2014 following the news that Cameroon’s key striker and all time highest goal scorer Samuel Eto’o Fils has suffered a knee injury which has caused him to miss two days of training. The news has sparked fears over his availability for the Indomitable Lions for the rest of the World Cup.

The 33-year-old striker wrote on Twitter: “The doctors confirm I will probably not be able to play because of a knee injury that is causing me pain.” He told Cameroon Radio-Television (CRTV) he was hoping “the gods grant me a miracle and that I am able to defend my dear, beautiful country”. He added that…”during the match against Mexico, I tried but after consulting the medical staff we realized that I needed a rest. Even in the ninth minute, I felt pain”.

You would think that for all Samuel Eto’o has done for Cameroon in terms of actual Football on the pitch as Cameroon’s all time highest goal scorer with about 56 goals for Cameroon; the main flag bearer of Cameroon Football internationally and one that has been known to use his personal money to help individuals and promote football in the country, Cameroonians would at least wish him a quick recovery and send flowers (even if it is in their thoughts) and motions of support, but you would be dead wrong.  News like this should make people sad and realize that it makes it more difficult for Cameroon to advance.

But like real Cameroonians, it was not surprising to see comments like: “Good news for the Lions.”, “the injury he has is a blessing to Cameroon, watch and see” and “I personally contacted the Ghanaian Witch doctor to ensure Eto’o stays unfit for the rest of the world cup”…etc. What do some Cameroonians gain when they always wish the worst for others, even people who once made them smile and brought joy into their hearts?

What is appalling and typically Cameroonian ungratefulness is the fact that many even fail to realize that without Samuel Eto’o during qualifications for the World Cup, Cameroon could hardly score a goal. It was mainly thanks to his contribution (goals) that Cameroon is in the World Cup in the first place. It has been proven time and time again that there is simply no striker better than him currently, but yet Cameroonians wish him bad luck instead whenever he needs their support.

The issue of Cameroon’s bad performances is not down to the lack of effort from the Cameroonian Captain. We have a problem with the goal keeper, defenders, midfielders, all the other attackers, coach and even FECAFOOT, so why do people ignorantly blame Eto’o alone. It is simply bad faith in Cameroonians and their habitual ungratefulness and arrogance.

This is exactly what has happened to Roger Milla and all the other heroes of Cameroonian Football. This writer recently heard a Cameroonian based in the Netherlands asked that: “What has Roger Milla done for Cameroon?”. It is one of those comments that make you breathless and freeze in complete shock. Really? Are you serious? Are we in the same planet? Are you talking about the same Roger Milla the footballer from Cameroon that the world knows or some Roger Milla the bee keeper in your village?

Then again, it just takes you a second to remember that you are actually in a Cameroonian gathering. That is why you could hear things like…“the 1990 Cameroon squad was nothing…this current team is far much better than the 1990 world cup squad”. Then you look around and notice that the person who just said that is actually not drunk. So what causes him to say that? What causes Cameroonians to hate appreciating those who have contributed so immensely to the name of their country? To this writer, it seems to be sheer ungratefulness, stupid pride and arrogance. How on earth can you compare the likes of Roger Milla, Thomas Nkono, Makanaky etc, to the players of the current team. Something must be wrong somewhere.

For all it is worth, Samuel Eto’o is the best Cameroonian striker by hundreds of miles and one of the best and most dangerous strikers in the world still. Cameroon doesn’t have a play maker and good enough midfielders to supply him. That is actually the problem that needs fixing, not Samuel Eto’o. So why are the other players not scoring as well if he can’t score when it has been seen that in many teams midfielders and defenders can score as well.

Larry Bate Takang Founder/Editor-in-Chief African Celebrities Magazine (ACM)

Larry Bate Takang is the
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During the Ivory Coast match, the goals did not come from Drogba but from Wilfried Bony and Gervinho. The Question is where are the other Cameroonian players? It is unfair to be so heartless and ungrateful to a man, without whose goals Cameroon would not be in the world cup in the first place. It is almost like a sin to blame Eto’o for all of Cameroon’s football problems.

Maybe the reason Cameroon is not doing well isn’t about the players. Maybe it is about Cameroonians as a people. When we learn to bless and be grateful, may be the God of football will bless us more. African Celebrities Magazine wishes Samuel Eto’o a very quick recovery. If you support Samuel Eto’o Fils, share this article and click like to wish him a quick recovery.