Samuel Eto’o Promises to Reply and Expose Critics after World Cup

Samuel Eto’o: “I Will Not Yield to Blackmail”

Samuel Eto'o Fils (2013 photo)

Samuel Eto’o Fils (2013 photo)

Cameroon’s top striker Samuel Eto’o Fils has promised to answer back at all his critics after the World cup. Appearing in a press conference on June 17, 2014 in the premises of the Amazonia Arena in Manaus, Brazil the captain of the team of Cameroon came face to face with journalists who wanted to hear his reaction following series of unimaginable criticisms levied on him.

He told Journalists that “I want to give you the background of my mind, but I think our match on Wednesday against Croatia is more important.I hope we stay focused for this game. But rest assured that after the World Cup, all those who have attacked me, near or far, I will reply to each of them, I will give the names of all the people who are behind these cases so that Cameroonians would know those who love Cameroon and those who really do not likeCameroon.And then after that I will take my personal decision”.

The record four times African player of the year and highest goal scorer of Africa added that: “Know that I will not yield to blackmail and after the World Cup, I’ll be sure to respond. These people who attack me prepare, I will speak and I will use the law to make sure everything is exposed and justice is done. Especially with the fact that President Paul Biya is aware of everything that is happening. You can attack me personally, you can say what you want, I do not care. Let me finish the World Cup, you will see my reaction after. ”

It should be noted that it is beyond understanding why Eto’o is being singled out for so much criticisms by some Cameroonians. It should be noted that Eto’o according to many sports experts was one of the best players on the Cameroonian side during the match between Cameroon and Mexico, apart from the fact that he never scored. So far in the ongoing Football World Cup competition, Eto’o is not the only striker who hasn’t scored for his side. Ronaldo did not score for Portugal, Drogba did not score for Ivory Coast, Neymar did not score for Brazil against Mexico, Spain lost 5-1 to the Netherlands etc etc. So far, it now seems this isn’t about football anymore considering the fact that Cameroon has played just one game and Eto’o struggled to play that match with and injured knee (feeling pain from the ninth minute of play).

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This is now beyond sports. It is beyond ungratefulness. It is clearly a witch-hunt. Many sports pundits have put this to outright jealousy, envy and hypocrisy of those who are trying to attack the all time highest goal scorer for Cameroon with 56 goals.

As pointed out in a Facebook post by the Editor of African Celebrities Magazine, Cameroonians are known to easily forget to learn from history. In the few years before the 1990 World cup in Italy, Roger Milla was insulted, told that he was old, hated for trying to serve Cameroon in the National team, told that he was selfish (maybe, maybe not), criticized and many did not want to hear his name. He wasn’t even selected for the National Squad to Italy until President Paul Biya took what African Celebrities Magazine describes as one of the best decisions of his presidency by sending Milla to join the squad. That decision changed everything for Cameroon.

It was the old, “stupid”, “selfish”, “useless”, “good for nothing” legend Roger Milla the outcast that lifted Cameroon up. For those who read the bible, it says…”and the stone that the builder refuses shall be the head corner stone”. This is a clear replay. For all Eto’o has done some people would still go to the highest of heights to bring him down. And just like Milla then, he is being told he is old, useless and not needed. The lessons of History are not there for nothing.

The good thing about Eto’o though, is that he fights his battles. He is more intelligent and seems to understand the people and terrain he is dealing with unlike Roger Milla. Becoming the highest paid player in world soccer after moving to Anzhi Makhachkala (Russia) in 2011, with a salary of  €20 million (after taxes) per season sets him up well for retirement. More so he still has a few years of football in him and many clubs are still interested.

Eto’o would be best staying away from the National team for now. Only after that would Cameroonians maybe see or never see his value. These two greats uplifted the name of a nation. The least Cameroonians can do is to in turn uplift them. History rewrites itself.