Prince Friso of the Netherlands has died

Late Prince Friso of the Netherlands

Late Prince Friso of the Netherlands

Dutch Prince Friso is dead. He died on Monday 12 August 2013 at the Huis ten Bosch Palace (one of three official residences of the Dutch Royal Family) in The Hague at the age of 44. Prince Friso is the 2nd son of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus and junior brother to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

According to other media reports, the young Prince died from complications as a result of brain damage sustained in a skiing accident (an avalanche) in Austria on February 17, 2012. Since then Prince Friso has been in a coma.

Reports say at the time of his death, his senior brother King Willem-Alexander and wife, Queen Máxima are with their family on holiday in Greece.

Having been in a coma for almost one year and seven months, Friso was finally transferred early July 2013 from his hospital in London to the Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague where he was being cared for by a medical team.

Prince Friso was born on September 25, 1968 (age 44), in Utrecht, Netherlands. His Full names are: Johan Friso Bernhard Christiaan David van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg.

He leaves behind his wife Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau whom he married in 2004 and their two sons: Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands.