Oscar Pistorius Thrown out of NightClub for Involving in Drunken Brawl

South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius

South African Paralympian, Oscar Pistorius

According to the South African ‘Star Newspaper’, South Africa’s Paralympian star Oscar Pistorius was thrown out of a nightclub over the weekend after being drunk and involving in a nightclub drunken brawl. The Star newspaper is citing witnesses’ reports.

Pistorius, 27, is currently on trial accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentine’s Day in 2013. The athlete known as the “Blade Runner” was in the VIP section of a plush Johannesburg nightclub when the altercation occurred with another patron, named Jared Mortimer.

Mortimer is reported to have told the newspaper that a friend introduced him to Pistorius, who then launched into a tirade, telling him how he had been “screwed over” by Mortimer’s friends.

He said at some point the sprinter known as the “Blade Runner” got aggressive and started poking him in the chest.

“He was close to my face and at that point I pushed him to get him away from me,” he said. “A chair was behind his legs and he fell to the ground.”

“A little bit later he had a confrontation with another man and the bouncers were asked to please remove him because he was causing trouble,” Mortimer said.

The report also states that another patron who saw Pistorius at the club told the daily that the athlete was “flat-out drunk”.

“He came up to us and pulled zap signs in our faces. That’s when I realized it was Pistorius.” the unnamed witness is quoted.

It should be noted that following his ongoing trial in Pretoria for the murder of his girlfriend, Pistorius has told the court that he mistakenly shot Steenkamp four times through a locked bathroom door in his apartment after thinking she was an intruder. Prosecutors maintain that ‘the Blade runner’ deliberately killed Reeva Steenkamp after an argument.

This latest incident last weekend does not in any way help the “aggressive image” of Oscar Pistorius that Chief Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has to a certain degree painted about the accused.

Larry Bate Takang Founder/Editor-in-Chief African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) editor@african-celebrities.com

Larry Bate Takang
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It should also be recalled that as part of his bail conditions, Pistorius was initially ordered to abstain from alcohol consumption, but he later successfully got the ban lifted.

The widely followed landmark trial is set to resume on August 7, 2014 when both the defense and prosecution will make closing arguments.