No African on Forbes 2011 Top Ten Sports Rich List

The Sports Top Ten Rich List is made up of individuals in all forms of sports. In this case, no African featured.

But when the list of richest football players for 2011 was published, one African made the list. Cameroonian football striker and Africa Player of the Year Samuel Eto’o Fils currently playing for Inter Milan is the richest African foofballer in 2011. Eto’o is listed as the 10th richest football star in 2011 with a net worth of about $40 million. His earnings from, just between May 2010 and May 2011 is estimated at $15 million. Apart from his pay check from Inter Milan, some of his earnings come from sponsorship and advertisement deals with especially Puma and Ford.

While Eto’o features as the 10th richest footballer in the world, Didier Drogba and Michael Essien both Africans playing for Chelsea Football club and from Cote d’ivore and Ghana respectively appear in a different list. They both feature in the 2011 UK 50 Top Sport Earners list. The UK Rich List estimates the wealth of the richest British citizens and individuals born overseas who predominantly work or live in the United Kingdom.

On that list of top 50, Didier Drogba features with a net worth of about £19 million, while Michael Essien is estimated at £14 million. Although Kolo Toure also from Cote d’Ivoire and playing for Manchester City doesn’t feature in the list of UK Top 50, he is listed in a list of Top 100 of the world with a net worth of about £6.5 million.

Golf is another field where Africans (especially South Africans) excel in, but this article doesn’t cover the details for now.