Nneka: “Germany Gave me the Platform to Africanize Myself” -Nigerian born singer-songwriter Nneka

By Larry Bate Takang (Editor-in-Chief, African Celebrities Magazine), editor@african-celebrities.com

“Germany educated me a lot about being Nigerian”. “I never knew about our politics”. “I became more aware of Nigeria when I stepped out of Nigeria”. “I was not aware of issues like corruption, and oil exploration” These are declarations made by Nigerian born singer and songwriter Nneka Igbuna Nneka. She is of a Nigerian father and a German mother born in Warri, Nigerian in 1981.

Nneka says she never knew about racism…”that she had colour” and things like discrimination until she left Nigeria. These made her “more aware of my roots and pushed me to learn more about my origin”. Nneka explains that she never made up her mind to play music. It was gradual. When “I knew myself better and was passionate about some issues which I was eager to express, that is when music found me”. The Nigerian musical maestra sees herself as one who shares her heart’s feelings and not as a performer.

Parents and upbringing:

“Initially I thought my parents were harsh but now I know that has helped me discipline myself. I am now happy with the way I was brought up” she explains about her upbringing.

What Inspires her now:

“I am passionate about life..about human beings, about children. The issues happening within Africa and Nigeria e.g tragedy inspires me to express them through my music”. Nneka says what ever you do, do it with passion and do it with love.

Humanitarian Work:

With her fan based growing Nneka is trying to help children of Nigeria. “if u invest your love and your time to nurture them (children), they grow”.  “The only place we can repair what we (as adults) have destroyed is in the children”


She is nominated for the 5th Annual NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (NEA) in 2 categories: 1)INDIGENOUS ARTIST OF THE YEAR and  2)BEST SOUL/NEO SOUL ACT OF THE YEAR  The Ceremony takes place on September 18th 2010 in New York. Rolling Stones and Billboard magazines have declared her as the best new comer of 2010. After relocating to Germany she’s been singing “professionally” for  about 5 years now.