Editorial Board

African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) Editorial Board is made up of qualified media professionals with a broad understanding about African affairs. The editorial board is backed up by a selected group of High profile elites forming the board of Directors.

ACM also has consultancy and collaborative partnerships with other organizations.

The Team: 


Larry Bate Takang  (The Netherlands)

editor@african-celebrities.com, larry@african-celebrities.com

Cameroon Bureau Chief:

Verdell Beyang (Cameroon)

Ghana Correspondent:

Maxwell Nana Addi

South African Correspondent:

Pamela Lerato

Nigeria Correspondents:

Adeyomi Julius

Tessy Williams

United States Correspondents:

Koffi Stephen

Daisy Pulumo 

United Kingdom Correspondents:

Mary Barlogi

Claudia Ugunu

Joseph Kalomo

France Correspondent:

Jean-Pierre Désiré

Uganda Correspondent:

Apiri Bukenya

Legal Advisers:

Lawyer Catherina Leventer Brown and Lawyer Arrey Collins


Africa Press International (API), The Netherlands www.africa-press.org


African Celebrities Magazine is also currently published in printed form once every two months (bi-monthly) in English.

The online edition is published simultaneously on the internet and can be accessed via www.african-celebrities.com


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