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Dear Editor, Words cannot express my joy to finally see a Magazine that is so positive about Africa. It is clear that this Magazine has all the rights to carry and waved our flags as Africans around the world. This is what Africa needs to at least flavour our tarnished image even if it is just a little bit. But looking at what the African Celebrities Magazine is about, I am sure its impact will be felt throughout Africa. Thank you once more Mr. Editor and founders of this great Magazine for a wonderful initiative (Arrey Collins, Cameroon)

Contributing Articles to ACM

Dear Editor, I am a student of Mass Communications. I have falling in love with your Magazine and its objectives. I have also fallen in love with the name of your Magazine. Is it possible to contribute stories to your Magazine or must one be a practicing Journalist to be able to contribute? Mbola Ranaivoson, Antananarivo, Madagascar)

Editor’s Note: Dear Mbola, thank you for your inquiry. At the moment we encourage anyone, (Africans and non-Africans) to contribute to our Magazine. We welcome inspirational stories (articles), stories about African celebrities of all fields and as many original photos as possible. We reserve the right to publish any material received. We shall give credit to the owner of “original” photos published.

Cover Page Choice

Dear Editor, Your cover page choice of your print version (Issue No. 1) is very appealing to me. I appreciate your Magazine’s choice of using a beautiful African lady in African wear rather than just anyone in Bikini. Your Magazine by this decision immediately told me that it believes in and truly promotes African culture. Can you please inform me what Nation this attire originates from please. (Esther, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Editor’s Note: Dear Esther, the African Celebrities Magazine is truly pro-African culture. It is our desire to promote all aspects of Africa’s riches especially its cultural prowess. Our cover girl is Cameroonian and the attire is Cameroonian.


Dear Editor, Congratulations on the African Celebrities Magazine both print and online. As a South African, my passion for seeing Africa grow is extremely great. A project that brings out the positive and highlights the successes in Africa and Africans will go a long way to bring back hope and self believe to millions of Africans who over the years have become confused as to what their real identity is. I cannot thank you guys enough for this epic publication. (Johnson Khumalo, South Africa)

Most Beautiful African Celebrities

Dear Editor, I am really happy with your choice of Agbani Darego as one of the 15 most beautiful African female celebrities in your print version (Issue No. 1). I do not just appreciate it as a Nigerian, but I believe she is one of the most beautiful African Celebrities. I think Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji is also a good choice. For the men, Your Magazine’s choice of Andre Dede Ayew and Fally Ipupa are correct choices. I also find the Cameroonian Benoît Assou-Ekotto very handsome although not featured. (Grace Chinyere, Ibadan, Nigeria)