K’Naan’s Coca-Cola unofficial World Cup song drowns FIFA Official Song by Shakira

As Africa smiles after a successful World Cup, fans worldwide are almost forgetting which song the Official world cup song was. Just days into the World Cup, Shakira’s song almost completely faded into the back-ground.

Radio and TV stations rather went for K”naan (Somali/Canadian reggae star)’s song, wavin’ flag’chosen by Coca-cola as their unofficial World Cup song to advertise during the World cup. In the Stadiums, on the streets, on the airways…in the morning, afternoon and late night it was K’naan’s wavin’ flag”.

For example, daily, the Netherlands NOS1 TV Station played mostly the original version of “Waka Waka” or ‘Zangalewa’ by the Cameroonian Group ‘Golden Sounds’ which some believe sounds better than Shakira’s version for an official World cup song.

K’naan’s song did not only overshadow Shakira’s official song but almost drowned it. Today after the World Cup, people remember the Wavin’ Flag’ more as one of the greatest highlights of South Africa 2010.