John Dramani Mahama has been re-elected president of Ghana

John Dramani Mahama, the incumbent president of Ghana has just been re-elected as president of Ghana under the banner of his party the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The declaration was made by Ghana’s Electoral Committee despite widespread technical glitches with the machines used to identify voters and protests by the country’s opposition, which claims the vote was rigged.

International observers called Friday’s election the sixth transparent vote in Ghana’s history. Ghana has been referred to as the Bastion of Democracy in West Africa. No other country in the region has had as many free and fair elections.

On 25 July 2012, Mr John Dramani Mahama born on 29 November 1958, then the Vice president of Ghana was sworn in as Ghana’s new president following the sudden death of President John Atta Mills. This December 2012 election comes about five months since he came to power as president. The most recent victory means he will continue as president for the next four years.

The presidential election is won by having more than 50% of valid votes cast. Elections have been held every four years since 1992.

Mahama’s first book, a memoir called My First Coup d’ État and Other True Stories from the Lost Decades of Africa, was published by Bloomsbury on 3 July 2012.