How to Keep Your Man Happy

1) Let him know you are his biggest fan. Let him known how much you appreciate the little things he does to help you (no matter how small). Remind him you love him. Don’t lie but just try to be.

2) Don’t ask questions such as “What are you thinking about, honey?” Men hate this because they know they will get themselves into trouble if they tell you what they are really thinking or if they can’t remember.

3) Always speak highly of him to others. Don’t call up your best friend to tell her everything that’s wrong with him.

4) Don’t belittle him. It may be tempting to tell him exactly what you think of him during an argument, but hold your tongue. Deep down, somewhere, you love him. Tearing him apart will only make the situation worse.

5) Don’t remind him of his weaknesses at every opportunity. Most men are fully aware of their weaknesses and do not need reminding.

6) Be quick to apologize if you think you are wrong.

7) Be a good listener. This may include even listening to topics you neither understand nor care about.

8) Don’t try to change him. Appreciate who he is. You knew who he was when you met him. Trying to make him into someone else might backfire.