How to better cope with women

africdating ad1) Realize women are not all alike. Just like men, women are individuals. So when to deal with them, threat them differently without generalizing of having a believe that all women are the same.

2) Try to understand your partner but do not try to understand all women. It is difficult that is why women often need other women as close friends. Only women understand themselves better.

3) Try to see past a woman’s face or body. There might be something more you might miss to see or realize…good or bad.

4) Accept the fact that women are not men, so when they cry over things you don’t understand…just persevere and support them. They are made that way.

5) There is an amount of a mother in every woman. Some have more than others. If they want, they can make you happy and make your life pleasant.

6) Women just as they can make you happy, they can also make your life miserable in a second…so when you deal with them make sure you are always on their good side.

7) Women like men have blood in their veins so do not do to them what you would not do to yourself.Lovers Empire advert

8) Remember when a woman is silent because you shout, it doesn’t mean it is because she things you are strong…The strong man is the one who speaks softly but whose words have power. Women recognize the difference even if they never tell you.

9) In your home you can win against a woman but in today’s public, it is difficult to win against a woman. If you doubt it, ask the men you have spent years in prison (some innocently) just because of what a woman said. Therefore never create a situation where the public will be the judge.

10) Support the women you have children or a child with. They make taking care of a child look easy. But if you try it you will realize they are special.

11) It is a myth that mature, intelligent, well adjusted women like “bad boys” better than gentlemen or nice guys. Gentlemen and nice guys are the once they come to when the “Bad boys’ expire just after a few years. “Bad boys” are for the moment. Gentlemen and nice guys are for life. Come to think of it, more women like “Good guys” than “bad boys”. Choose a winning side.

12) Finally, to better understand a woman, just ask her what you do not understand.