How Celebrities Can Deal With the Paparazzi and Media Lies

Paparazzi (Courtesy:

Paparazzi (Courtesy:

Many celebrities and entertainers sometimes have to deal with the paparazzi and the media lies that follow. Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with these kinds of false media reports.

1. You Can’t Please Everybody

Pleasing everybody is the first mistake that celebrities make when dealing with their fame and the media. Celebrities need to understand one fundamental truth.  No matter how nice and sincere you may be, there will always be some people who will not like you and there will always be people who will make false stories about you. This is part of being famous and celebrities need to learn to deal with it.

2. Determine a Strategy Beforehand

If you can accept the fact that you can’t please everybody, the next step is to not wait until something bad happens. Plan ahead of time so that when something does happen, you will know what to do to prevent negative consequences to your career. Develop a plan before something happens.

3. Develop a Strong Network of Friends

Thirdly, develop a reasonable network of friends, family, and business associates. When bad reports about you come up, the first thing is to focus on notifying your circle of friends and associates. These are the people who you want to please, and are important to you in your life. Once you establish the truth about the false media reports to your network of friends, then you can start planning on notifying others. Remember to start with your closest friends in damage control and then worry about everyone else who might not be as important.

4. Watch What You Say in Public
Be careful on what you say when you are in public. The media and your fans will be eager to jump on anything that raises any question marks. Play it safe and don’t say anything that will cause problems down the road.

4. Learn from Others
Learn from other celebrities on how they handled negative celebrity reports. This will help you come up with different strategies on how to protect your career.  It doesn’t hurt to talk to a professional who can give you additional advice.

5. Don’t Get Overconfident and Cocky

Many celebrities think that they are immune from negative media reports when things are going good. Public opinion can change with a snap of a finger. Don’t get too confident when things are going well in your professional career. Nothing stays the same forever.

Be aware of how you handle yourself to help prevent any future problems down the road. Every celebrity has a right to live their own life, however use commonsense and good judgment in what you do.

Stan Popovich is a Contributor to African Celebrities Magazine on Celebrity Advice Issues.

Stan Popovich is a Contributor to African Celebrities Magazine on Celebrity Advice Issues.

Stan Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” – an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to: