Ghana Witch Doctor’s Curse on Ronaldo Spoils Ghana’s Image

Portugal and Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo (2013 FIFA Best Player).

Portugal and Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo (2013 FIFA Best Player).

Ghanaian Witch Doctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam which translates as ‘Devil of Wednesday’, has claimed that he is responsible for spiritually causing injuries to the thigh and left knee of Portugal and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo with the aim of forcing the World’s best player of 2013 to miss the World Cup especially the match between Ghana vs Portugal.

The witch doctor’s prediction and claim have seemingly caused an uproar among football fans around the world and is tarnishing the image of Ghana and Ghanaian football.

In an interview with Kumasi-based radio station Angel FM in February 2014, Nana Kwaku Bonsam is reported to have said: “I know what Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury is about, I’m working on him”.

“I am very serious about it. Last week, I went around looking for four dogs and I got them to be used in manufacturing a special spirit called Kahwiri Kapam”.

“I said it four months ago that I will work on Cristiano Ronaldo seriously and rule him out of the World cup or at least prevent him from playing against Ghana and the best thing I can do is to keep him out through injury”.

“This injury can never be cured by any medic; they can never see what is causing the injury because it is spiritual.

Ghana Witch Doctor Nana Kwasi Bonsam

Ghana Witch Doctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam

Today, it is his knee, tomorrow it is his thigh, next day it is something else”.

It should be noted that Ronaldo is reported to be suffering from tendinosis, a non-inflammatory condition involving a previously injured tendon. He has recently missed two training sessions with “left patellar tendinosis” and is taking a limited individual role which does not require him to tackle or kick with his left foot etc. Although Ronaldo returned to full practice over the weekend, the Football legend is still being monitored with extreme caution by Portugal national team officials.This declaration according to an online research conducted by African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) is rather gaining massive support and prayers for Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugal squad against Ghana. Some online comments have rated Mr. Bonsam’s claims as nonsensical, stupid, sour taste, fake, or empty talk without substance from someone seeking international attention prior to the biggest sports competition in the world.

However, it should be duly noted the subject Cristiano Ronaldo is an international star (current world’s best footballer) with millions of passionate fans worldwide. Although the World cup calls for national support and patriotism, the love of a player like Ronaldo goes beyond the Ghana vs Portugal match. Any attempt to cause any harm whether intentional or otherwise or falsely claimed will surely be frowned upon by his millions of followers and even FIFA which will do all to have players of Ronaldo’s caliber in any world cup competition.

The logic is simple. The more big name players, the more people pay to watch those matches and the more money is made from ticket sales. The press also has a stake in all these. It will not be fun if people like Ronaldo, Messy, Neymar, Eto’o etc do not feature in the world cup. The press needs the stars to make the coverage of the World cup more exciting.

So what do all these mean for the image of Ghanaian Football and in a wider sense, Africa? Ghana is a beloved nation and Africa is proud of her participation but millions of Africans are also fans of Cristiano Ronaldo. Claims liked these end up splitting even the African support for the Ghana National team, as it can be seen by the rest of the world as an unjust way to beat Portugal.

Football is described as the “beautiful game” for a reason. Bringing such witchcraft claims into football and not even hiding it tarnishes the image of Ghanaian football. While millions of Ghanaians do not support this witch doctor’s claims and many even see him as a joke, the irony is that it will push the world to pray for Ronaldo and rally support around Portugal to beat Ghana instead. That to the press would be the news because Cristiano will now be seen as a victim of a witchcraft spell. This is not the kind of people Africa wants to be representing them at this moment. If anything, for the sake of public relations, Ghana government should ask this so called witch doctor to shut up and even apologize for his distasteful and un-sports like claims in order to clearly distance Ghana from people who tarnish the country’s image internationally.