Football: 79 Goals in 90 Mins…Nigerian Players & Officials now banned for life

Nigerian Football FederationFollowing an outcry from the international football community and the World Football Authority (FIFA), The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has today banned Players and officials of four Nigerian amateur clubs for life involved in two promotion play-off games that produced unbelievable score lines of 79-0 and 67-0. In simple terms, they have been banned for allegations of match-fixing.

The four clubs involved are Plateau United Feeders, Akurba FC, Bubayaro FC and Police Machine FC. These clubs have been banned from the game for 10 years.

In promotion play-offs from the Nigeria Nationwide League, the lowest tier of Nigeria domestic League, Plateau United Feeders beat Akurba FC 79-0, while Police Machine FC scored 67-0 against Bubayaro FC all within just 90 minutes of play time. The teams were competing for a place in Nigeria Nationwide League Division 3.

It should be noted that scoring 79 goals within 90 minutes would have meant that a goal was scored on an average of every one minute, 13 seconds. The only plausible explanation would be that the other team did absolutely nothing but watched. In other words, there was no goal keeper, no defensive players, no midfielders and no attackers in the Akurba FC squad in order for Plateau United Feeders  to have scored 79 goals to nothing against them.

The recommendations will be communicated to the clubs, the state FA’s, CAF and FIFA and according to the Nigerian Football Federation…“We will publish all the names of players and officials with their photographs and details”.

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