FIFA Ready to Review Calls for Goal line Technology

After an awful referee mistake that accepted a goal against Tottenham Hotspur of England that never crossed the line  while playing against Chelsea Football Club during an FA Cup semifinals in London

last Sunday 15 April 2012, FIFA is now giving in to its long resistance to modern goal-line technology by implementing a ground-breaking new system designed to eradicate unfair goal-line decisions by referees.
FIFA will push ahead with plans to test and then introduce new technology that uses missile-grade precision sensors or a magnetic field to assist the officials.
This will be giving in to severe pressure from the international media, fans, players, coaches and administrators. The continuous severe referee errors have not helped FIFA’s position in anyway what so ever. Significant examples of high profile referee errors are seen in last Sunday’s English FA Cup semifinal between Chelsea and Tottenham; England’s disallowed goal against Germany during the klast World Football Cup etc.
FIFA will conduct extensive tests on two systems under consideration. The first, widely considered the favorite, is the Hawk-Eye product used in professional tennis and international cricket. Hawk-Eye, now owned by Sony, uses a series of high-tech cameras to track the ball at every stage of its flight. It can determine whether the ball has crossed the line thanks to the same processes its inventor, Dr. Paul Hawkins, once used to develop programs designed to assist in complex brain surgeries and missile flight patterns.
According to FIFA, the second phase of tests will commence before the end of April 2012 and will continue throughout May.
The technology is not expected to go into action very soon. It is believed, the soonest will be by next football season in Europe. It should be noted that many high profile matches have been tarnished by incorrect referee that have affected football careers, hopes of nations and the destinies of trophies.