ACM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I send a Letter to the Editor?

A: Answer: Send all letters to the Editor to Please title it ‘Letter to the Editor’. All correspondence must include your name, (could be withheld upon request); address and daytime phone number for contact purposes. Letters may be edited for length.
The African Celebrities Magazine reserve the rights to edit, publish or refuse to publish letters based on our editorial policy. Acknowledgement of receipt of your letter might be sent or not sent depending on how busy the ACM team is.

Q: How do I contact a certain department or person?

A: For your convenience, please send all enquiries to You will be further directed on the next step to follow.

Q: How do I submit a press release, or tip for one of your columns?

A: All Press Releases should be sent to either the office of the Editor-in-Chief at or to the office of the Publisher at
Tips for a column can be proposed to either the Editor-in-Chief of the Publisher. Any decision after study will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Q: How do I submit an article or photograph for African Celebrities Magazine to publish?

A: African Celebrities Magazine welcomes submissions of articles and or photographers from writers, Journalists, Freelance writers, students Journalists, the general public as well as celebrities. We are always looking for new contributors with great ideas.

It is though very important to note that African Celebrities Magazine cannot be responsible for the return of unsolicited material. We also advice that all materials sent to us are original and not in breach of any copyrights laws. If you’re sending the same submission to multiple outlets, do let us know.

To send stories, articles or photographs to African Celebrities Magazine, contact either or

Q: How do I enter a contest I saw in African Celebrities Magazine Online?

A: To enter any contest organized by African Celebrities Magazine or its parent organization Africa Press International (API), please visit either the contests menu of our website or visit the official website of Africa Press International to see a lists of current contests and conditions of entry.

For questions or technical issues about specific contests, please contact

Q: Who do I notify African Celebrities Magazine about an error in your content?

A: Send any errors you find to Please include the web site address of the page you saw the error on and details on the error you found.
We will be very happy and grateful to quickly address whatever error on our online Magazine is pointed out to us. African Celebrities Magazine seeks to be of high standards and aims at making sure all materials we publish are published in the correct form.

Q: I’d like to work for African Celebrities Magazine. Are there any jobs vacancies available?

A: Job opportunities and vacancies within the African Celebrities Magazine will be published on the Jobs and vacancies page of this website. Please visit the Jobs and vacancies page to check if there are positions for which we are employing.

If there are positions listed or jobs advertised, details will be provided on how to apply and who to apply to. If jobs are not advertised on our website, it is an indication that we are not hiring at that moment.

Q: Can I become a Volunteer for African Celebrities Magazine?

A: African Celebrities Magazine is always in need of volunteers. Please visit the Jobs and volunteer menu to see the fields for which you can apply to volunteer for. You can also send an enquiry to listing the field for wish you seek to volunteer for.

Q: As a student can I do my Internship or “stage” at African Celebrities Magazine?

A: Yes. We also accept interns for internships or ‘stage’. Students interested in applying for internship are free to apply. Before applying be sure that our services are in line with what you are studying and can be beneficial to your line of study.

Students studying Mass Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, Media Management, Magazine Production, News writing and reporting, digital Journalism, editing etc. etc. including website production and web mastering are free to apply. If your field of study is not listed here, it is because we cannot presume but contact us in case you are interested in doing internship. If you’re applying for the editorial internship, please add one or two articles samples. Please indicate in your cover letter which internship you are applying for.

Internships are nonpaying at the moment but are flexible and can be structured easily around a day job or school schedule. Any development in relation to finance will be communicated at your request. Applying does not guarantee acceptance.

Q: I read African Celebrities Magazine in print. Why would I also visit

A: Thank you for reading African Celebrities Magazine print version! If you are here, you have probably already noticed that the content on our website is different from our print content. While both provide exciting news and information about African celebrities and about happenings on the African continent and issues involving Africans around the world, we try to use the web site to comment on the most current of events, and to encourage a more interactive conversation.

More so, on this website we can use audio and video in ways that we cannot use in the print magazine at the moment.

Q: Wow, this website is great! How much money are you guys making on this project?

A: Actually, we don’t charge our readers for any of the content we post at the moment. All of the resources we put into providing you with up-to-date, smart online content come from other sources of income.

So if you like what you see here, please donate now and help us out. We will appreciate your support which will help us get better and better.

Please follow the DONATION button on the FrontPage or contact the Editor-in-Chief or Publisher at either or we will be happy to provide instructions on how to donate to our course. Thanks in advance.

Q: I’d like to donate to African Celebrities Magazine. How can I do that?

A: African Celebrities Magazine relies on people like you to keep it going. Giving any amount will help us a lot. All donations are tax-deductible. Contact us for more information about how to donate. Apart from money, donations can also be made in kind…for example donating media equipment, office equipment, software, services etc.

Q: I’m doing a research project for my high school/college/university and I need more information about African Celebrities Magazine. Can I call you?

A: Yes! You can contact us but we will prefer that you email us. We get numerous requests either for interviews, advertising and several other issues and are usually able to accommodate them. But as Journalists we are usually on the move working so it is more befitting to send us emails except we are already in communication and ask you to call any of our departments.
The best way to contact us is to send us your questions with enough time to address them.

Q: Can I help promote or advertise African Celebrities Magazine to my friends, neighbours, colleagues or school mates?

A: Of course we will be very delighted to have you helping us to spread our name and objectives. You can do this where ever you are e.g. at school, in church but if you are on Facebook, Twitter or other social Networks you can add us as friends, like us, join us etc. but most importantly share our website, Facebook pages, forward our stories and news items, tell your friends to visit our website etc.

If you are organizing an event and wish to promote us during that event, that will also be an option. We will like to thank you in advance.

Q: Is African Celebrities Magazine on Facebook and Twitter?

A: Yes we are on Twitter and Facebook.