Egyptian Music Star Ammar El-Sherei Dies at 64

One of Egypt’s most popular composer, songwriter and performer Ammar Elsherei has died. Mr. Elsherei died Friday 6th of Dec 2012 at Cairo’s El-Safa Hospital while being treated for a heart ailment. He was 64.

El-Sherei had been in intensive care at Cairo’s El-Safa Hospital for over two weeks after having cardiac surgery in London. It has been reported that the 64-year-old had fought a long battle against illness.

Ammar Elsherei was an award winning musician and one of Egypt’s most popular musicians. He played the piano, harp, accordion and oud.

He composed over 150 music pieces for television and radio, including the famous Raafat El-Hagan TV series, starring Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.. He was born blind on 16 April 1948.