Pilgrimage of no Retreat…50 Facinating Poems

Synopsis of Pilgrimage of no Retreat…50 Fascinating Poems

“Pilgrimage of no Retreat is a collection of 50 fascinating Poems out of the author’s collection of more than 150 poems. Larry Bate Takang’s Poetry stands out clearly because of its power and reality, its originality and uniqueness, its ability to address issues both far and near, both natural and abstract, with an ease that is amazingly entertaining.

The poems in this collection “Pilgrimage of no Retreat” though philosophical, deep and at times abstract, are incredibly appealing even to the non-poetry lover. The language is simple but the messages are very thought provoking and powerful.

If you have been in search of authentic poetry and writing, then you have found it in Journalist Larry Bate Takang’s book of 50 Fascinating poems. For the non language-lover and the non poets and non poetry lovers, this is a collection that will turn you around. For those who understand and love poetry…what a day to come together and jointly acknowledge that the book ‘Pilgrimage of No Retreat’ is no small achievement.

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