Belgium: Liberian Ambassador Praises Journalist for Fighting for other Journalists

Amb Jarjar Kamara and Larry

H.E Ambassdor Jarjar Kamara (Left) shaking hands with Journalist and Executive Director of Africa Press International (API): Larry Bate Takang in the Embassy of Liberia, Brussels.

The Liberian Ambassador to Brussels, Belgium H.E Jarjar Kamara has lauded the efforts of Journalist and Founder/Executive Director of Africa Press International (API), Larry Bate Takang drawing the world’s attention to the plight of Journalists in the three Main Ebola affected countries; Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

On Friday 12 December 2014, Ambassador Jarjar Kamara granted a very warm reception to Mr. Bate Takang at Liberian Embassy in Brussels. In his calm, polite and friendly nature the Liberian Head of Mission gathered his Embassy staff to meet with API’s Executive Director to discuss, API’s ongoing international campaign recently launched on the global crowd funding website The campaign, according to Journalist Larry Bate Takang, has been launched to both draw international attention to the plight of African Journalists in the three countries most affected by the Ebola virus, and to help raise funds to provide protective equipments to these Journalists.

During the warm and cordial meeting, Mr. Takang formally outlined the history and objectives of Africa Press International (API) and introduced his campaign to the Liberian Embassy staff. The discussion was also characterized by questions and answers about API’s campaign, the state of Journalism in Africa, and an appeal by H.E Kamara to African Journalists to be more constructive in their reporting on Africa.

In this regard, Mr. Takang who is also the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) drew the attention of Liberian Embassy staff to the concept of Developmental Journalism. He explained that Journalists can bring development to societies at times faster than politicians, and believes that Africa currently needs more developmental Journalism than political or “Gossip” Journalism. He pointed out that Africa Press International and African Celebrities Magazines’ prime goals are built on the foundation and concept of promoting and practicing developmental Journalism. It should be noted that Larry Bate Takang is also author of several books including the recently published book “How to Write Newspaper and Magazine Articles…A Journalists guide”.

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The Liberian Head of mission expressed his happiness with the fact that an African Journalist is taking such a bold approach. He at the same time wished that many other African Journalists would be so positive about Africa and report positively about African issues.

Ambassador Kamara also pledged his full support for API’s campaign and promised to officially inform the Liberian Foreign and Health Ministers of the activities of Africa Press International and its ongoing campaign.

Other members of staff at the meeting included the Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister Counselor Chris W. Moore; Minister Counselor Madame Comfort O. Swengbe; Second Secretary and Vice Consul Madame Konah M. Moore; Personal Secretary to the Ambassador Mrs. Toure; the Head of Passport Division at the Embassy and the Driver to the Ambassador.

It should be noted that H.E Jarjar Kamara is Liberia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union (EU).