Articles & Photo Submission

The African Celebrities Magazine welcomes the submission of original articles and photos. All articles must be original and should match our theme. (see Menus).

Please do not send us an article that you have already submitted elsewhere unless you have had the article returned or have heard that it is not going to be used. Articles must not be more that 1000 words unless commissioned (requested) by us.

The African Celebrities Magazine reserves the right not to publish an article; not to publish the author of an article; to edit an article; to rewrite an article to suite our style and house policy; to investigate facts in an article for legal reasons and to publish an article once we receive it. Due to the size of our staff, we do not acknowledge the receipt of all articles especially articles that we are not interested in publishing. (Read more about what we accept after the form below).

If u wish to recall an article this must be done at least two weeks before our Magazine (print) goes to press. Articles to be published online can go online just after a few hours or minutes after they are received so thesame rules for calling off an article two weeks before publishing might not apply for online articles. At the moment, we generally do not pay for articles but we can negotiate to pay for an article in special circumstances especially if the article or subject matter interests us. This rule will change in the future. For now if you have interesting photos or articles and wish to get something for it, contact us for assessment and negotiation.

We are interested in original photos of African Celebrities and places in Africa, including, landmarks and geographical features. If you have personal photos of African Celebrities we will appreciate if you send them to us. They must be original and must be yours and not have been sent to another media organization. Rare and unique photos are welcome. We will be ready to mention you if we are certain that the photos are yours. We can as well negotiate to pay for some pictures if they interest us.