Africans Challenging the Ordinary…Breaking Stereotypes and Gunning for Higher Heights

1) Kimberly Anyadike (more details in print version of African Celebrities Magazine)
Then just 15-years old, Kimberly Anyadike of Los Angeles navigated a single-engine Cessna Aircraft alone through thunderstorms in Texas before landing her plane to cheering crowds at Compton Woodley Airport on July 11, 2009. That day, she set the record as the youngest African American female pilot to fly solo across America.
This was a classic example of Africans challenging the ordinary and breaking stereotypes. Kimberly is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants residing in Los Angeles, USA. After landing she was so humble in explaining that she did not make the trip to set a record or become some kind of celebrity but because she wanted to inspire other kids to really believe in themselves.
It is hoped that other African youths can learn from this example and chase their dreams without fear or favour.
2) Alexander Amosu (more details in print version of African Celebrities Magazine)
Alexander Amosu… the young entrepreneur of Amosu Luxury Phones
Alexander Amosu, a young entrepreneur turned his interest in technology and the mobile phone industry into a commercial success story. He now heads a business at the forefront of mobile entertainment: Amosu luxury phones. This is the worlds only luxury customization company using diamonds and gold to create the ultimate experience. He generated £6.3 million from his 1st ringtone company in 4 years.




3) The South African Airplane Factory (more details in print version of African Celebrities Magazine)
The Airplane Factory is a Johannesburg, South African based business focusing on the development and manufacture of high quality, high utility aircrafts. It was founded by Mike Blyth, a past aviation world champion who was later joined by James Pitman, a lawyer who recently left his legal career to help develop light sport aircraft.

Their first ever aircraft called “the ZU-TAF Sling” crashed on Saturday 13 February 2010. The business has received confirmed orders for seven aircrafts and expects to deliver the first three by mid July 2010.