African Holland Based Model & Fashion Designer Wows with Latest Designs

Introducing Diana Tambe Blackpearl:

Diana Tambe Blackpearl is a Holland Based Top model from Cameroon-Africa.  She is an up and coming young aspiring designer and also the CEO of Africa Fashion Week Holland (The Netherlands).

Having had several successes as a Top model, the young and beautiful Cameroonian model has as well gone into fashion designing…a passion and dream she has harbored for years. This led her into creating a new label called ‘Blackpearl Secret’.

Under her label ‘Blackpearl Secret’, Miss Diana Tambe Blackpearl creates with love fashionable Red carpet evening wears for women who want to feel girly, “Über Chic” & who wants to stand out from the crowd.

In its spring/summer collection of this year (2012) ‘Blackpearl Secret’ came up with what the label describes as “the famous (Ubber Afro Vintage look) for Homme/Femme”. With these designs Miss Tambe Blackpearl speaking to African Celebrities Magazine explains that they take us back to her roots…Cameroon. Cameroonian culture has so far been one of her greatest sources of inspiration. Her inspiration however goes beyond one country and one continent. In fact it is a mélange of different forms, modes, styles and cultures.

Even though Blackpearls secret is all about High Fashion Red carpet Evening dresses, this summer 2012, the Top Model’s label introduced a mixture of African Print Details from Cameroon called The “Ubber Afro Vintage”.

The upcoming African designer is determined to bring to the European & international market new designs every season with the theme: “Seasons of the Year”. She says the rational of her theme is to show off fashions from all four seasons in the following categories:




–       Swimsuits, shorts and tank tops for SUMMER.

–       Sweatshirts, pea coats and pants for FALL.

–       Coats, mittens, scarves and sweaters for WINTER.

–       Rain slickers, boots and short sleeve tops for SPRING!

More photos and information of Miss Diana Tambe Blackpearl can be found on her website: On Facebook: Diana Tambe Blackpearl  and Twitter: @dianatambe.