African Celebrities Magazine Endorses Singer Vdouze for Music Talent

Cameroonian Born singer: Vdouze de London

Cameroonian Born singer: Vdouze de London

African Celebrities Magazine has officially Endorsed London based Cameroonian female singer Vdouze de London in appreciation of her music talent. According to African Celebrities Magazine, Vdouze de London is currently one of the most talented upcoming female singers from the Republic of Cameroon and arguably the best from the Anglophone zone of Cameroon.

Currently based in London she has produced exceptional music positively reviewd by African Celebrities Magazine (ACM). This endorsement mainly focusses on the creation of original songs that are also appealing the first time you listen to them. This statement is made at a time when Cameroon is lacking behind in the music industry and therefore an encouragement to someone creating original songs as opposed to the constant repetition of song versions we have seen in the past.

Below are two samples of the songs of Vdouze de London that affected our decision. She is the first ever upcoming musician we have endorsed, for the reasons given above.

Title: Docteur D’armour

Title: Kossa Kossa

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