Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam…A Great Success

Founder/CEO Diana Tambe (Middle), accompanied by two models on the runway after her Blackpearl design exhibition.

Founder/CEO Diana Tambe (Middle), accompanied by two models on the runway after her Blackpearl design exhibition.

The Votes are in and the result is clear. The First edition of Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA) from August 29th – 31st 2014 was a great success. Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is so far the Biggest African Fashion Exhibition held in the Netherlands. AFWA was founded by young Cameroonian born designer Diana Tambe, known for her red carpet clothing line Black Pearl’s Secret. She is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

After Africa Fashion Week Berlin, Prague, London and Paris; Amsterdam finally has its own African inspired Fashion event, thanks to Miss Diana Tambe and collaborators. The event took place in World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.

Miss Tambe’s persistence and extreme hard work can be summarized as a bulldozer in a small frame. With a target in her crosshairs, she spent countless hours, working to achieve what is now the Biggest African Fashion Exhibition to have taken place in the Netherlands. On day 1, a campaign was run around the hosting city Amsterdam. DAY 2 & 3 were strictly show days…plenty with some of the best modern African designs, put on show by splendid teams of multicultural models.

Nollywood Actor Ramsay Noad as one of the presenters at AFWA

Nollywood Actor Ramsay Noah as one of the presenters at AFWA

Fashion brands that exhibited their designs included BLACKPEARL SECRET (By Miss Diana Tambe), THOA, ARRIZ GOLDEN, FARIDA’s ATELIER and PATOU MANGA.

The success of this event according to African Celebrities Magazine is measured following AFWA’s main and original objective; which was: To exhibit the beauty of African couture, art and fashion to a European and global audience, as well as to encourage designers to market their creativity on a global stage via a professionally produced event environment. AFWA achieved exactly that and more.

The event was characterized by spectacular runway exhibitions of great and original designs. There were plenty of very beautiful runway models and a lot of colour and fanfare. There were several other entertaining performances to grace the three day event: including dance exhibitions, Songs by young female Cameroonian singer Miss Bess; and the dramatization of one of the most befitting poems to match the event “Black Beauty” by Journalist/Poet and Executive Director of Africa Press International (API) Larry Bate Takang.

Another highlight was the participation of a few other African Celebrities as Masters of Ceremony, such as Nigerian born award-winning Nollywood Actor Ramsay Noah, and Human Rights activist and Founder/Executive Director of Hope for Niger Delta Campaign (HNDC), Sunny Ofehe. Others presenters were award winning celebrity Eryca and Aydin Acik.

Major support came from the Nigerian Embassy, Cameroon Embassy and the South African Embassy. Africa Fashion

Larry Bate Takang reciting the Poem "Black Beauty", supporting by a model at AFWA

Larry Bate Takang reciting the Poem “Black Beauty”, supported by a model at AFWA

Week Amsterdam was sponsored by the World Fashion Centre, NABC, Beko Consulting, Julian’s Luxury, Niger Delta Magazine, DATPromotionz Inc, FollowGhana, Sankofa, Blackpearl’s Secret, Iroko Heritage, BGC, SoulHour TV, African Celebrities Magazine, Men Style Fashion Magazine MOKI Media and RTiSTic Media.

Other Press and media partners included: The African Bulletin (Media Blackberry), Chartwell Magazine, Top Stories Celebrity Magazine, Colourful Radio, Nothing But Wax, VTR News (Vlaamse Radio en Television), TIMODELLE Magazine, The Voice Magazine, Tozali Magazine, and Vlisco Magazine.

Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA) will be an annual event. Interested individuals can contact event organizers in relation to next year’s event via +31 (0)6 184 61 477 or email: You can also visit