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The African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) is partnering with a number or organizations at the moment. If you wish to become one of the Official partners of the African Celebrities Magazine, please do contact us at


The African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) is in search of Sponsors and Funders of either this online version of the Magazine, the print version or both. The African Celebrities Magazine has a number very interesting upcoming projects that you can be a part of. Every support will be appreciated.

We shall soon list upcoming projects to be organized by the African Celebrities Magazine or its mother organization, the Africa Press International.


ACM is in search of funders. We will be happy to explain more about what our objectives and goals are. Please do contact us at


We are determined to be one of the most positive pro-Africa publications. The African Celebrities Magazine tries to achieve this goal by practicing what we refer to as developmental Journalism. By this we take the position of being progressist..doing all to create a positive change.

We therefore have taken the task to publish two versions of our Magazine…the print version called African Celebrities Magazine and this online version called African Celebrities Magazine Online. We therefore have to take care of the cost of running both Magazines as we strive to produce one of the most practical International Pro-Africa Magazines.

We will appreciate any form of donations so far as it goes to helping us achieve our goals and objectives.