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The ACM BOOK CHOICE section is an integral part of the African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) experience. It is as well a prestigious addition to African Celebrities Magazine. Here African Celebrities Magazine makes choices of what it deems as interesting books by African authors or books about Africa. These decisions are purely the choice and opinion of the African Celebrities Magazine and not influenced by anybody. The criteria for a book to appear or be listed on the ACM Book Choice is solely the decision of African Celebrities Magazine and not the general public, an author or an institution.

OPTION 2   (Clasified Advertisement)

African Celebrities Magazine has created a second option for authors willing to feature (advertise) their books on the ACM Book Choice section. All books by African authors or books about Africa not chosen by African Celebrities Magazine Editorial Board can still be mentioned (advertised) for a small fee.
Authors who wish for their books to be mentioned (advertised) on the ACM Book Choice classified ads Section will be required to pay a small fee. In this case, the following information will be required:

1) Tile of book/Journal/Newsletter/Bookshop etc
2) Name of Author
3) Date of Publication
4) Name of Publisher
5) Genre
6) A summary or synopsis of the book
7) Where it can be bought
8) Email address
9) Author’s Telephone number
10) Author’s website

OPTION 3  (Advertorial)

For a specific fee, authors can pay for an advertorial to be written about their books or about them following the release or publication of their book, journal, thesis, Newsletter, website etc.

What is an advertorial?
An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of an editorial or a News story. The term “advertorial” comes from combining the words “advertisement” and “editorial” which has been used since about 1946. In this case, the advertisement is usually written in the form of an objective article and designed to look like a legitimate and independent news story but it is written with the sole purpose to advertise or create awareness about a product or person. This will include all necessary details.

If you are an author, publisher, bookstore owner, scholar or student wishing to create awareness or advertise your work, please contact African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) to help you in this process.
Our strong foundation and name will aid in making your work more recognized.

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