ACM and API Support CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards

The prestigious CNN Multi-Choice African Journalist Award and Competition is the most prestigious and respected Award for journalists across the African Continent. Its objective is to reinforce the importance of the role of journalists in Africa’s development and to reward, recognize and encourage journalistic talent across all media disciplines.

The competition is now in its 17th year and according to CNN, the competition receives entries from more than 42 countries across the continent, including French and Portuguese speaking Africa.

African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) together with its parent organization Africa Press international (API) support CNN Multi-Choice African Journalist Award and Competition. This is in line with the main objective of Africa Press International which was founded in March 2008 to advance Journalism in Africa as well as promote the culture of writing (books, Magazines, Newspapers etc). API also promotes the culture of reading at a time when it is believed Africa suffers from a readership crisis.

Africa Press International is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded by Journalist and author Larry Bate Takang.

African Celebrities Magazine and Africa Press International (API) support all Organizations also promoting Journalistic standards in Africa as well as all organizations and institutions trying to encourage education.

The African Celebrities Magazine is the official Publication of Africa Press International.