For years the desire to publish African Celebrities Magazine (acm) was not out of a sheer desire to publish ‘just? a magazine on Africa or Africans but rather out of a strong desire to contribute towards the socio-cultural and economic development of Africa through the press.

The objectives and goals of African Celebrities Magazine are firmly summarized within these lines. It is our way of applying a different approach with the goal of achieving desired consequences or results. This can better be understood when you consider African Celebrities Magazine more or less as a development and inspirational tool rather than just another Magazine.

We are a Magazine that focuses on Developmental Journalism, more than anything else. This is the bedrock of our approach at a time when Africans need more developmental Journalism more that politics. 

African Celebrities Magazine is not here only to talk about celebrities but to also publish investment and tourism opportunities. If an investment goes through, we would have helped a few Africans at a time. Join and support our endeavours.

Larry Bate Takang
African Celebrities Magazine